10 things you find out when you live in a girls only flat share

Feb 12, 2020

Your clothes are no longer your own

You have the perfect outfit in mind when you go to get dressed, and lo and behold, your chosen shirt/skirt/dress is nowhere to be found. Later you’ll either discover it on your flatmate’s body or crumpled in a dirty heap on their floor. Super annoying but made up for by the fact that you do it just as often as you get it! Having access to other people’s wardrobes means triple the outfit choices.

Your drain is constantly blocked

Most women would have had to deal with a blocked drain at some (or multiple!) points in their lives, whether they’re living with other women or not. The extremely gross (and oddly satisfying) ritual of pulling huge amounts of soapy hair out of the drain will quadruple in occurrence when you live with all girls, and it will always be an argument over who has to do the dirty deed.

Syncing is a real thing

While some people remain sceptical about the whole period syncing thing that supposedly happens when women spend a lot of time around each other, after living in an all-female household you’ll know this is 100% true! The cons: you’ll see a lot of tears one week out of every month. The pros: you’ll be surrounded by people who know exactly how you’re feeling and offer all the sympathy and ice-cream.

The morning debrief after a night out

Any girl who’s been on a night out will know that it’s the next morning’s debrief with the troops that is half the fun. Living with other girls means you simply have to stumble into your mate’s room in your PJ’s to hear the gossip and share stories, rather than having to power through the hangover and make it to someone else’s flat to catch up on all the news.  

The jealousy when one of you starts seeing someone

The thing about living with other people is that you get very used to having them around all the time, available to make plans whenever you want. Anyone who’s lived with women will know the jealousy that comes when someone in the flat starts seeing someone and stops spending so much time with you.

Someone will go on a health kick

Without a doubt someone, over the course of the year, will decide to go on some sort of diet or health kick. You might be convinced to join in on the early morning gym sessions/green juices/brutal denial of carbs, but rest-assured, this probably won’t last long before one of you cracks and you’re drunkenly eating a huge pizza at 3am.

Everything will have laundry hanging off it

When you’re living in an all-female flat, every available surface becomes fair game for hanging laundry off of. The radiators, the doors, chairs – if there hasn’t been a pair of pants hanging off it to dry at some point, your flat is definitely the exception.

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