6 tips to make your flat more practical

When you live in a shared apartment, you can quickly feel narrowed between your stuff, the decoration and the furniture of your flatmates. But fortunately, Team Whoomies is here to prove to you that with some tricks, you can maximize the available surface area of your apartment with style and especially without clutter !

Feb 12, 2020

1.Open furniture

For example, the open library is an ideal semi-partitioning for structuring a room. It allows light to pass through, allows many storage spaces and is completely modular. A long buffet can perform the same function to define a space while remaining very light. And let's not forget that folding screens were simply invented for that reason! There are now some in all styles to suit all interiors !

2.Install a glass wall

The famous glass wall is obviously a great way to create partition walls without disturbing the feeling of space or the light of a wide open space. Nowadays, it is more and more common, its advantages are known by everyone, because in addition to being convenient and well thought out, the glass wall is fitted to any kind of interior. In fixed and simple versions, it is often less expensive than we tend to think.

Glass wall to have a better light in your flat


The lighting is one of the best guides to attract attention. The way in which the lights are chosen and positioned can therefore completely modify a volume, structure it by highlighting certain areas and thus choose the "accents" of the layout. Without these elements, even a beautiful decoration can remain completely flat.

4.Multifunctional furniture

In a small or shared space, the main objective is to facilitate traffic flow in the area. So there's no way we're accumulating useless furniture inside! We are turning to multifunctional innovations. They structure the living space and accommodate both a library and an extra closet. Enough to combine design with practicality.

The perfect multifunctional furniture for your flat

5.Storage around the doors

You may find this idea a little crazy, but putting a few shelves around the doors of your apartment is THE good idea to save precious square meters. A few precautions needs to be taken though : do not install objects that are too broad and arrange your goodies or books in a homogeneous way.

6.Space under stairs

A classic solution but always efficient : take advantage of the space under the stairs to create optimized storage space. Shelves, a closed closet or even drawers, it is up to you to choose the storage best suited to your lifestyle. As for decoration, we advise you to harmonize the staircase and its base using the same material.

Storage under the stairs

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