Owners : 3 reasons to rent your property in shared accommodation

The sharing of expenses, the good atmosphere at home and the spirit of sharing are convincing more and more people to opt for shared accommodation! And this applies to all age groups: since 2017, there are even more employees than students living in shared accommodation. So, owners: if you are still hesitating to rent to roommates, here are a few reasons that will convince you.

Feb 12, 2020

Rent faster, improve profitability, with more guarantees.

Purchasing power is at half mast, rents are rising, and it is therefore becoming difficult to rent a large apartment at its fair value. Rather than wandering from real estate agency to real estate agency to find a large tenant family, start looking for roommates! This makes it possible to reduce the rental vacancy: two months on average, but almost none with roommates'.

In addition, a shared apartment can be rented for a slightly higher price. Since each roommate only pays his share, you can increase their individual rents a little bit, in order to have a better overall profitability. And if you include a solidarity clause in the lease, you will be even more reassured. You can ask your three roommates to each have a guarantor who guarantees the entire rent: no more cold sweats when you don't see the amount of rent on your bank statement!

A turnover facilitated by the roommates themselves.

A roommate leaves the apartment, and that's a tragedy? Chances are, you don't even have to worry about finding a replacement. The roommate will take care of it for you.

They are the ones who share their bathroom, so they will want to have a say in their new classmate, and will probably be happy to post ads, conduct the first phone interviews, check the candidate's seriousness... All these steps that bother you! Of course, you keep the last word.

And if you have opted for a single lease, the remaining roommates will be required to pay the full rent until a new resident arrives.

The context is particularly appropriate.

Roommates are attracting more and more diverse profiles, and we are moving away from the stereotype of young and party-loving roommates. More and more single adults, single-parent families, young employees and even retirees are opting for roommates in order to have a larger home! So rest assured: you can rent to roommates who won't party every night, annoying your neighbors and degrading your property.

In addition, legislation is now more conducive to flat-sharing : the Alur law has established a status and legal framework to regulate this exploding practice. Legal uncertainty is taking a hit!

The ideal flatmate brings together flatmate who are made to live together, and with whom you will get along well : you minimize turnover, reduce rental vacancies and the stress that goes with them. What are you waiting for? See you on Whoomies !

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